Monday, January 3, 2011


Essa vai pras minhas amigas lindas de Itumbiara! (E o resto dos possiveis leitores) Acho que nao vai fazer mal um post em portugues!
Bem, hoje fui ao Museum of London e amanha vou as compras! Finalmente! Fiz minha wishlist, quer dizer, escrevi minha rota, as linhas de metro que tenho que tomar e as lojas que tenho que ir independente de qualquer coisa... To ansiosa! Tambem vou providenciar meu ingresso pra ver Chigaco - O musical! Que sou apaixonada pelo filme e por danca, e tambem quero assistir Dirty Dancing! Se possivel algum deles ja amanha a noite! E semana que vem estou colando em Oxford pra comecar a estudar na Oxford English Centre.
Ah, vao ter varios shows legais aqui em janeiro/fevereiro... Alias, nao so legais mas vao ter VARIOS shows! E varias pecas de teatro e musicais estao em cartaz! Tem um lugar super bacana chamado Barbican Centre que tem de tudo! Teatro, musica classica, filmes, festivais, comida, arte, danca, mall, tudo! To completamente apaixonada! Quero pegar um concerto la ainda!
Vou postar algumas fotos, entao!

Primeiro, uma foto do meu chiqueiro hehe

E agora um foto de um cartao postal que comprei no museu! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obsession with the Crowd

Just a pic of the Oxford Street that I took the day i got here

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good boys go to heaven, bad ones go to London

(Saw this sentence on the street today on someone's shirt, by the way...)
On the new years's eve I went to a restaurant -that I don't remember the name- in front of the river and near the London Eye. Then we went to Cafe 1001 where we stayed till 6am, but we just got home at 8am because of the "after party", I mean, eating and looking for cabs and waiting and waiting... (and that for sure sucks)
Tomorrow I'm gonna go shopping!!!!! FINALLY! Louboutin is waiting for me, Jimmy Choo, H&M, French Connection, American Apparel, TopShop and the others stores as well (freaking out this moment!)
Another thing I've noticed and I'm so happy and so comfortable with that, is that EVERY place, every restaurant, bar, there is a Veggie/Vegan Menu and that's awesome, well, at least for me it is! And those veggie foods are so delicious, so tasty!
I'm sleepy, again... So I'm never gonna make any big post, just these little ones... But, fuck it

The video down here I recorded in Xel Ha, like a resort in Cancun

The following pics are: my NYE look...

And the flyer of the party

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bon voyage

Ok, this is gonna be this way, right?! Can't be in another... These days have been running so fast I couldn't even breathe. I'm already in London, tomorrow I'll probably go shopping (and I'm sure Topshop will be my first stop as my heart is telling me, tomorrow I'll give the names of every single store I went to and maybe I'll show what I found)

And by the way, I recorded this video in the 'Karaoke night' which was super funny! Tomorrow I'll post another video of some funny, different african guys playing some weird instruments.

We decided don't go to Chichen Itza, but we went to Xel Ha! Which is as nice as Chichen! I took a lots of pics that I posted on Facebook and I had an awesome 'Good Bye' day. I'm sorry again for don't posting in the last few days but I'm trying to have some time for my posts... (ps: I'm almost falling down on my pillow right now, so tired of flying...)

Till there, keep partying!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From tequila to punk rock

Omg I just can't believe I'm leaving Cancun right now! I mean, I met so nice people here, I had a fucking great time with everybody I don't wanna leave but... I am going to LONDON BABY! This vacations's gonna be unforgettable, I know that!
And oh, sorry I didn't post these days but I already told you, party hard every day makes me tired and lazy! hahaha I only have more 30 minutes so I can't write down here everything I want but next post I'll tell everything I did these days... I went to Xel Ha, almost had to go to the hospital blahblahblah... Lots of news. I'll tell u later! Until there, keep partying dude! Kisses <3 (Took that pic when I was at the beach 2 days ago, was late at night and I was looking some pics from my brazilian friends which I miss so bad)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sorry, I didn't have time to post yesterday and the day before, my bad, but you know... Party had everyday and that's what I'm talking about! (Shots of tequila's face)

I didn't went to Chichen Itza yet, but I went to the beach (which is in front of my hotel), had the xmas's dinner and took some pics which I added in my facebook (my facebook) and met another people.

I should've posted here cause now I don't remember everything that happened these days... But I'm trying hard! And oh, my videocamera record the videos in a super weird format like .MOD, not .MP4 or .WMV and that's a problem cause my mac doesn't read this format, so I'll start to record with my Canon, k?!

I promisse I'll post something later! Kisses everyone and feliz navidad! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok, 1st of all, this place is INSANE! Absolutely insane! But otherwise they're polite  -when sober-  just kidding!
I must say from the beginning that I'm not posting any video today, cause I tried to upload my stuff from my videocamera to my Mac but I just couldn't I don't know what happened but I couldn't do this, tomorrow I'll ask for help to my brother and I'll do it.
1, 2, 3 steps inside the Hotel and a men -probably the manager- came to us (me, my parents and my brother) with 4 glasses with champagne and when we ask him to take a pic of us instead of saying: SMILE or say X (like every one) he was like: "EVERBODY SAY SEX!" and we start laughing LOL (this pic it's in my bro's camera I'll post it here later)
My hotel is in front of the sea which is AMAZINGLY a mixture of the cleanest blue and the purest green I've ever seen!

I'm excited to go visit the Chichen Itza (Google it now) and I want so bad to go out to see how's the nightlife here (k, don't have to tell me it's fucking crazy i know)

By the way, I wanna meet someone, take pictures, wanna live a real adventure you know?! BUT C'MON THERE ARE JUST CHINESE (or japanese) PEOPLE HERE! And let me tell you a secret, I DON'T SPEAK CHINESE!
I wanna be quick or it'll be boring! Kisses everyone!